The Animals

The Animals of Longneck Manor


The goal of Longneck Manor is to provide a fun personal experience while helping to save animals in the wild. We do this by combining the best elements of a good zoo with that of a good conservation organization. So you get to meet some real live conservation ambassadors (both four and two legged species) as well as contribute to a non-profit (tax deductible) conservation fund that works directly with proven conservation heroes.
Longneck Manor is the home to a “Crash” of three rhinos (Fred, Barney and Justin) as well as a “Tower” of three giraffes (Kafele, Betty and Tana). Our animal ambassadors help guests connect with animals in the wild and help conservation efforts with our partner organizations.
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Animal Fact Sheets
Our animal fact sheet will give you the facts and figures about our animal ambassadors. Please consider taking a tour or enjoying a stay to expand your experence.
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