Your Memories, Their Future.

Experience Longneck Manor, nestled on over 100 acres in the beautiful hill country of Texas.

Experience Texas Hill Country Like Never Before – No Minimum Stay Required!

Summer’s heating up, but our Villas at Longneck Manor are cool and inviting!
Our luxury villas offer panoramic views of rolling hills, rock kopje, and stunning water
 features from your private viewing deck. 

For July and August, we’re waiving the 2-night minimum stay
 requirement for Sunday to Thursday stays.
Book now by calling 830-362-8752!

Which Experience is Right for You?


Guided experience with close-up encounters and photo opportunities with our resident giraffes and rhinos


An unforgettable luxury villa with panoramic views of the rolling hills and overlooking the giraffe and rhino pasture.


A unique luxurious overnight accommodation (inside the giraffe barn)

What Guests are Saying

The Animals of Longneck Manor

The goal of Longneck Manor is to provide a fun personal experience while helping to save animals in the wild. We do this by combining the best elements of a good zoo with that of a good conservation organization. So you get to meet some real live conservation ambassadors (both four and two legged species) as well as contribute to a non-profit (tax deductible) conservation fund that works directly with proven conservation heroes.

Longneck Manor is the home to a “Crash” of three rhinos (Fred, Barney and Justin) as well as a “Tower” of four giraffes (Kafele, Betty, Tana and Kili).
Our animal ambassadors help guests connect with animals in the wild and help conservation efforts with our partner organizations.

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We have BIG NEWS!

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Climbing Kili

by Bill Konstant Our wake-up call came at 11:00 pm on October 20th. That’s right, late that night, not the next morning. Rick and I...

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Why I like Rhinos

Rhino Fact:  There are five living species of rhinos (two African and three Asian), their combined populations in the wild being about 30,000 animals.  If rhinos...

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My Africa – “Born Free”

Fact:  I have Visited Africa Over 50 Times, but my First Trip Changed my Life    Africa…. This wild and mysterious continent with its amazing creatures...

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Drifter – First Ambassador

Meet my pal Drifter, a four-year-old yellow Labrador retriever.   His pedigree name is Classic Hill Country Drifter but we call him the “Drift Man”...

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