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Longneck Manor and its non-profit conservation foundation is committed to saving animals in the wild, as well as providing the best care for its resident Conservation Ambassadors.  
Every cent of every dollar will go to the care and conservation of the following ten species:
    • Giraffe – Less than 100,000 left in Africa
    • Rhinos – Less than 30,000 left in the wild
    • Cheetahs – Endangered in almost every part of their range 
    • Okapi – Rare and only found in one African country
    • Chimpanzees – To support the work of Jane Goodall
    • Gorillas – Extremely endangered, less than 50,000.
    • Lions – Wild population less than 30,000. 
    • Elephants – At least 96 elephants are killed every day in Africa. 
    • Tapirs – The largest land mammal in South America needs help. 
    • Giant Anteaters – Habitat loss is driving them to extinction.
    • Care and Feeding of our resident conservation ambassadors
Why give to the Longneck Conservation Foundation?
Unlike most other credible conservation organizations, we have a direct and personal connection to the front line people working to save all these species in the wild.  
Our Director Rick Barongi has visited field sites for every species listed above.  In most cases he is not just a colleague but a friend of these field conservation warriors.  Rick is also a board member or advisor for many of these species.  He knows where the money is going and where it will have the most impact.
Please act now, because later may be too late.
Thank You,
The Longneck Manor Team 

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IRS determination letter available upon request. Longneck Manor EIN: 3-20694-3661-9

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